About Concierge Provider

We help hotels and restaurants operate more efficiently, improve services and increase guest satisfaction through our multifunctional platform.

Who we are

Concierge Provider consists of a professional team of experts from the hotel and restaurant industry. By combining years of experience from both worlds with new innovations, we have been able to develop a unique platform. The platform contributes to solving challenges faced by hotels, concierges and concierge companies on improving service, speed and sales by working together more efficiently.

Our mission

“We want to facilitate the dynamic world of hotels and restaurants in terms of service, speed and sales by encouraging collaborations.

Guest expectations increase every year. Therefore, it is important that the level of service grows accordingly. Concierge Provider would like to contribute to this. We do this by facilitating collaborations between hotels and restaurants in the easiest and most efficient way possible.

What we stand for

Future oriented mindset

is key

Inspire through passion

Going the
extra mile

with integrity

Years of experience in hospitality
Unique solutions
Enthusiastic members

Our Story

The original idea of Concierge Provider (CP) was born in 2018 when Lindsey Jonker and Isabelle Post met. In addition to her bachelor in hospitality management, Lindsey gained practical experience in a Michelin restaurant and worked in various four- and five-star hotels. Isabelle has worked in various restaurants and has been head concierge at a 5-star hotel in Amsterdam for the past 10 years. This is also where their paths first crossed.

After years of working at the highest level, Lindsey and Isabelle believe there is still much to be gained in the hotel and restaurant industry. Especially in the targeted collaboration between these two and many other parties. After exchanging their ideas, they came to the conclusion that there are several ways to improve different processes, which is how Concierge Provider was born.

The CP platform is designed to help hotels, concierge companies, restaurants and in the near future other providers to optimise their sales, service and speed by working together in an efficient way. The focus is on continuously improving the guest experience, which will subsequently result in increased profits for our members.

The platform has been presented to a select group of hotels and restaurants of the highest standard. This group of Early Adopters helps Concierge Provider to share constant feedback so that the platform continues to meet the demands of its members. Especially in the dynamic times in which we find ourselves today, this is very important.

We are always open to an informal meeting, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

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